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Ways To Give.

  • Credit Card donations: You may use your credit card to donate by clicking on the"Donate Now" button and providing the required information including the name on the card, billing address, CVV Code, and expiration date. 

  • Donate by Mail: You may mail us your credit card number or a check by providing the following information:

  1. Please make your check payable to Liver Health Foundation.

  2. Please include your complete name and address so we can send you a receipt for your donation.

  3. Please specify if your donation is in honor of a liver patient, or a memorial donation. Please provide the name and address for your honoree (or their family members) so we can acknowledge your donation by informing the honoree of your generous support. 

  4. Please mail your check or credit card information to the following address: Liver Health Foundation, 1732 Aviation Blvd., Suite 331, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

  • Donate on our website: You may visit our website and use “Donate Now” button on the website and directly donate to support liver patients.

  • Double your donation: You can double your donation by checking with your employer to see if they will match your donation. Many companies in California are dedicated to supporting their employees’ favorite charities. 

  • Join our Honor Roll: You can support us by making your gift a recurring gift, which means you will give us permission to charge your credit card on a certain date every month that you choose for the exact amount that you choose. Why this is important? As the only local charitable Liver-centered Foundation we rely on your tax-deductible donations to support our efforts. Your recurring donations will help us set our budget and plan to host free community-based and family-oriented programs and events. You can help us tremendously by making your gift a recurring gift. We thank you for your continued support.

  • Social Media Fundraising: If you are on social media platforms, we hope you celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays, transplant anniversaries, and other important events and occasions on social media platforms and ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to donate to Liver Health Foundation. Please remember you have to create a fundraising page for the benefit of Liver Health Foundation on your sites.

  • Get Involved: one of the most effective ways, aside from donating funds, to help us is to get involved in any possible way that you can. 

  • We welcome your participation: You can participate in our virtual and in-person events and invite the members of your circle of influence (colleagues-friends-family) to join you and attend these events and programs. 

  • Volunteer with us: Our in-person events are the best opportunities for you and your friends to join us as volunteers. You will be able to help with the planning of the events/programs, preparation, and the event-day activities.

  • Be our eyes and ears: We run a tight business and save as much as we can so your donations can be used to support our mission. You can be our eyes and ears in the liver community and guide us in our planning as well as spreading the word about our Foundation and activities.

  • Celebrate with us: One of the easiest ways to raise funds is to use your personal dates and celebrate them by asking your friends and members of your circle of influence to donate to Liver Health Foundation in lieu of buying presents that you may not want any way!

  • Share your liver journey with us: Are you living with liver disease? Do you know someone who is battling with liver disease? Have you lost someone to liver disease? We honor you and would love to hear your story and share your journey with our liver patients. Please contact us at:

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