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Suzanne McCarty

Ms. McCarthy represents an important group of Liver Health Foundations’ community. She is the mother of a vivacious and intelligent daughter who is living with autoimmune hepatitis.

Throughout her life, Suzanne McCarty has been a tireless advocate for children and their wellbeing. She began her teaching career in 1998 and has been involved in education since then. Currently, she is the Middle School Principal in an online charter school, supporting teachers, students, and families in their academic journey. She has served, and continues to serve, on various boards in support of her community. Helping others has been the highlight of her professional and personal life.

Ms. McCarty’s introduction to liver disease began in 2019, when her daughter, Alyssa, was 11 years old. During a routine annual checkup, it was discovered that her daughter’s liver enzymes were elevated. After a year of tests and monitoring, her doctor confirmed that Alyssa had autoimmune hepatitis. Suzanne bravely took on her journey of learning more about liver disease, its impacts on a child’s body, growth, school and sports activities, and future. Suzanne’s passion became raising awareness of childhood liver disease, sharing her experience with the families of liver patients and empowering them to make right choices for their children.

Liver Health Foundation is grateful to Ms. McCarty for serving on our Board of Directors and helping us disseminate accurate and much needed information about pediatric liver disease and most importantly help us paint a hopeful and bright picture from diagnosis of liver disease to recovery and continuation of life for all pediatric liver patients.


Suzanne McCarty
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