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Raya Camille Amin

Raya Amin is the President of The Liver Project at UCLA, a student initiative that looks to battle liver disease through community outreach, volunteering, and networking. She is a current second year at UCLA who is studying psychobiology, and hopes to go to medical school in the future.

Besides The Liver Project, Raya volunteers in the emergency department at Ronald Reagan Hospital, where she helps to provide comfort and empathy to patients in the emergency department. She also is a crisis counselor on the 988 suicidal crisis hotline at Didi Hirsch, and through this role she’s learned invaluable lessons about active listening, suicide, and mental health. Outside of these two roles, Raya enjoys being part of Bruin Shelter, where she volunteers to help combat student houselessness in the LA area.

Since participating in a research on Wilson’s Disease in high school, Raya has been interested in liver health, and research in general. At UCLA, she is part of the Fanselow Lab, a behavioral neuroscience lab, and works under the mentorship of Dr. Ann Hoffman. She contributes to projects that investigate how traumatic brain injuries affect fear and anxiety, with the ultimate goal of finding the neural mechanisms behind anxiety disorders and PTSD. Outside of school and research, Raya loves running, working out, horror movies, and reading Stepehen King books.

Raya Camille Amin
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