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Molly Behrens

Ms. Molly Behrens is a well-known and much-respected face in the liver community in Orange County. She and her family have been helping raise awareness of liver disease and raise funds to support patient outreach activities for many years.

Molly and her family first became active members of the Orange County liver community in 2010, when Molly’s older sister, Jennifer, was diagnosed with liver cancer. The news hit the family hard since there was no history of liver disease in the family and despite repeated tests, the doctors were not able to determine the cause of her cancer.

Jennifer bravely battled cancer for 5 ½ years. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2016. As devastating as her lost was, Molly and her family continued to advocate for liver patients, raise awareness of liver disease, and share her story with others to honor her memory and bring a rainbow of hope to others who were struggling against liver disease.

Molly and her family’s goal is to inform and educate community of the need for liver cancer research as it is not a commonly talked about cancer.

Ms. Molly Behrens is an elementary school teacher in Orange County and a devoted member of Liver Health Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Molly Behrens
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