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Sofia Jackson

Sofia Jackson is the President of The Liver Project UCLA, a student initiative to fight liver disease with an emphasis on cultural relevance and community engagement. A second-year undergraduate studying psychology at UCLA (Class of 2024), she has also volunteered with Food Oasis to expand outreach to communities in the greater Los Angeles area who struggle with food insecurity. 
Sofia serves in several other university clubs and community organizations, including Bruin Partners, a student-run program striving to bridge the education gap for students in underserved communities through one-on-one academic tutoring and personal mentorship.  She is also the Director of Marketing for Morning Sign Out, an organization striving to bridge the divide between the world of medicine and science and the greater public. 
Having previously worked as an intern in a medical clinic, Sofia has since expanded her volunteer experience and is currently working with Dr. Andrawis at Harbor UCLA Medical Center as a research assistant to identify the most efficient way to communicate medical forms and information to patients, with a special focus on minority communities. Her goals and interests include improving disadvantaged communities’ experience in the healthcare system and helping give at-risk youth a chance at an academic future they might not otherwise have.

Sofia Jackson
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